Advanced Technology Group

One of the most significant services we offer our clients is access to our Advanced Technology Group. Our knowledgeable, experienced and visionary team of skilled technicians, chemists, engineers, industrial designers, marketers and scientists is dedicated to advancing manufacturing and product technologies.

At Lacks, we don't just manufacture products — we invent and test new technologies and processes that allow our clients to deliver outstanding quality and lasting durability to their customers. We are experts at successfully developing, validating and launching new technologies that are second to none.

The Advanced Technology Group is headquartered at our central R&D and Testing facility in Kentwood, Michigan, and has a twenty-year history of successfully, developing, validating, and launching new technologies.







Finish Technology

Using proprietary paint and masking techniques, Lacks has the unique ability to provide multiple design configurations with one major tooling investment, allowing customers to employ mid-cycle enhancements for new looks. Learn more...

Research & Testing

Lacks' efforts to revolutionize molding, plating and painting processes are bolstered by an experienced, highly educated research and development team that excels at turning concepts into test-proven solutions. Learn more...








Finish Technology

Lacks Enterprises has the exclusive ability to provide customers with multiple looks using one major tooling investment. With clear expertise in a variety of distinctive finishes, Lacks can provide customers with compelling solutions that offer stylish options and greater contrasts within models, all delivered at financially compelling terms.

While Bright Chrome electroplating continues to generate major interest due to its peerless nature as a nearly perfect neutral accent (showing itself as light on a dark vehicle and dark on a light vehicle), several other options are available.

As part of the family of Satin Chromes, Iridium Chrome electroplating offers a finish that is slightly lower in gloss than bright and helps emphasize design geometry by lessening the reflection inherent in Bright Chrome. Other options (in order of the highest to lowest gloss levels) include Trinium Chrome, Platinum Chrome and Satin Chrome.

Spinelle™ Metal Finish is an exclusive offering from Lacks that involves the use of five coatings: copper, nickel, chrome, a tinted organic clear coat and a corrosion-resistant fully clear topcoat. Successfully in production for over six years with many OEMs, Spinelle™ capitalizes on our unrivaled capacity to create nearly unlimited metal colors and glosses while providing superior performance for the toughest exterior and interior automotive, appliance and building product applications.

Selective Spinelle™ Metal Finish is similar to the original Spinelle™ but is applied with a mask so that only selective areas of the part are coated. The process underscores the ability to have two metal finishes on one part, increasing the dramatic visual impact.

Bright Chrome Finish is mirror-like finish that provides long-lasting durability while accentuating every brilliant detail.

Iridium Finish is slightly subdued but stylish alternative to bright chrome with nicely balanced reflectivity.

Platinum FInish is smooth, warm matte finish offering a rich, polished appearance.

Lacks also offers various brushed metal techniques, textures, body color and accent paint to deliver uniquely rich accents — the combinations and possibilities are virtually endless.




Research & Testing

Lacks Enterprises' Research & Testing Facility offers its customers the comprehensive capabilities of an independent laboratory that meets the stringent, globally recognized standards necessary to be ISO/IEC-17025 accredited.

Our laboratory offers an extensive range of testing and validation procedures. We can analyze both raw materials and plated/painted/assembled exterior and interior component parts on thermoplastic polymers. Our customers include automotive, computer, plumbing, and telecommunication applications.

We provide comprehensive testing for some of the largest global OEMs like GM, Chrysler, Jaguar, Volvo, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Freightliner and other automotive first-tier and second-tier suppliers. With Lacks, you are assured experience, capability and ISO/IEC-17025 accredited service. When evaluating independent testing facilities for your painted or plated component parts choose Lacks Enterprises Research and Testing Facility.

Contact us to learn more about how Lacks Enterprises' Research & Testing can serve your needs.













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