As a privately owned global manufacturer with a world-class portfolio, Lacks Enterprises is committed to product and process innovation that brings unprecedented quality and value to unique applications for an expanding base of customers.

Founded in 1961, we continue to explore new ground in areas of advanced technology while pursuing continuous improvement and service enhancements. An ongoing commitment to research and development has enabled us to remain a leading supplier of components to the automotive market as well as other industries driven by innovation.

Learn more about the ambitious entrepreneurs who began our company and 50 years of history that made us into a thriving industry leader today.


A Technology Leader Worldwide

Our diversified operations provide complete turnkey solutions that rely on decades of experience in thermoplastic design, injection molding, plating, painting, assembly, logistics and supply chain management, as well as global export and distribution capabilities.


Our Company is Comprised of Four Distinct Business Operations





Lacks Trim Systems LLC — an internationally recognized provider of complex, highly decorated components
and systems for the exterior automotive
trim market


Lacks Wheel Trim Systems, LLC — a full-service supplier of automotive wheel components and systems


Plastic Plate, LLC — Specializing in complete customer-focused decorative finish solutions for a variety of products and industries, from automotive interior trim and roof-rails to consumer appliance trim, electronics trim and much more.


Lacks Home Products, LLC — a line of home exterior products designed to add value, character and charm to your home









Setting The Pace For Tomorrow

Our success is fundamentally tied to developing new products and processes that ensure the highest quality, performance and value. At Lacks, we work hard to incorporate experience, expertise, knowledge, technology and innovation to invent solutions that meet our client's ever-changing needs.













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